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  Join author, illustrator, professional animal communicator and meditation teacher Lorraine Turner on a journey to develop a
  deeper harmony within, while staying in balance with the world around us. Together we can explore better ways to share
  natural resources with the beautiful creatures that surround us.


NEW! Animal Communication Workshops
Learn easy step-by-step methods and speak to YOUR animals! What happens when animals go missing?
Lorraine brings AnimalTalk Africa Workshops and Webinars for Children worldwide.  Read more about this workshop!

Divorce and Roundups!
Learn what happens when a kid navigating the canyons of a broken family meets the trapped mustangs being ripped from their herd. Lorraine Turner offers young readers a chance to discover how they can overcome struggles and help others in her first book Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail. Learn more

Meditation and Animal Communication

"This entire outline for my book was given to me through visual meditation. I journaled every session and the story appeared stitched together like a quilt. The fact that there were actual Calico Mountains and horses that were in trouble was as much a mystery to me as it will be to the reader."
Click on the under 2 minute video below
—Lorraine Turner.

To learn more about this new book please visit the Library.

Video is less than 2 mins.
  Open to children ages 8 and older with a written consent of a
  parent. Learn more

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