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I am Certified Professional Animal Communicator and specialize in distant communications, using photographs from around the world. I now offer my services for distant communications that are General, Animals in Spirit and Missing Animals.

Recent Testimonies:
“I contacted Lorraine to help me communicate with my cat who had been demonstrating anxiety and aggression. The detail Lorraine picked up was incredible and highly illuminating as to the history behind his behaviour. I’ve worked with several animal communicators over the years but have never experienced the level of detail, care and consideration provided by Lorraine. I can highly recommend trusting her to assist with the well being of our animal friends.”
— Madge, South Africa

“Thank you Lorraine for helping me to connect again with my beloved horse who passed 3 years ago. The images, sounds and sharings you brought to me were so vivid and really made me feel that he was still with me. It gave me a feeling of peace and happiness to connect with him through you and the symbols and images he sent you were all very much part of our shared time together. I miss him immensely but now I know that he is happy, free and having fun in spirit and is looking out for me. “
—Nancy, Singapore

"I recently enlisted Lorraine’s help to contact our long missing beloved cat daughter.  I was so touched that all her fees were 100% donated to the White Lions.  Our cat readily agreed to talk with Lorraine and the sessions helped my husband and I with our state of mind concerning missing her so much.  It isn't yet clear whether she is still alive, but she definitely did connect with us through one of our other cats, in a way that was absolutely clear it was her!  This gives us so much hope to keep pressing in to learning how to meditate and to calm ourselves, and hopefully we can connect with our cat ourselves one day soon.  I trust Lorraine with all my heart.  She is full of love and gentleness and kindness and support.  Both for the animal and for us humans.  I highly recommend her."
—Heidi, Ecuador

"Thank you so very much Lorraine. How you found us was a miracle, along with the fact that you were drawn to the photo of our much beloved fur baby , who was sadly knocked down and killed on Friday night. The communications that you received and passed on to us have been so accurate that I can now believe that his loving soul is still with us. Although our pain is still so very raw, we now have some hope. I have been to, and read a lot on your blog, I will follow the advice and lessons on there in the hopes that I too may learn, through meditation, to communicate more deeply with our pets both alive and in spirit. Blessed Be."
—Faith, United Kingdom

"A loss is a terrible thing, especially when is about creatures that can't put themselves in connection with their loved ones.
I didn't know anything about animal communicators, and then I received your email, absolutely unexpected.
I couldn't be more sure than now that our cat received our love from you, because I know you actually talked with could you know the name of my father by living in the other side of the world? She has also shown you her favorite place:) You got her attitude, her way to give cuddles, the fact she had ill eyes...So now, at least I know she is really in peace, wherever she is. I really hope a person found her and she is happy...but in any case I know that through you she got that we love her a lot. I will be grateful to you for all my life for this Lorraine. Thank you so much!
With all our thanks,"
—Stefania and Joe, Italy

"I highly recommend Lorraine Turner to help you communicate with your animal friends, she is a kind and gentle lady who treats the animals with dignity and respect. Lorraine connected with my beautiful horse now in spirit, and I treasure the messages that were bought through from him."
—Sara, United States

"My cat is doing a lot better. I have been giving her coconut oil, that was spoken of in communication and hopefully that will help. Overall, she seems happier and has not licked her belly as much since the connection began. Thank you." — —Andrea, United States

"Your beautiful words with your connection brings us some peace... god love him, he is so missed... thank you so much Lorraine, words cannot say how much we appreciate the connection you have made.... bless you lovely lady"
—Lou, Australia

"The messages that Lorraine was able to relay to me were unbelievably accurate and inspiring. I was amazed by her accuracy in depicting things that are going on in my family’s lives and hearts – currently, as well as past and future. To add to my amazement, Lorraine and I live in different countries, and the fact that she was able to connect with them through a photograph leaves me speechless! Wow!!"
—Jenn, Canada

“It is amazing to ‘see’ things the way cats do and the way they are able to provide visions to Lorraine and speak to her. It is like putting a puzzle together, and yes sometimes a piece or two may be missing, but we have a much better understanding of our fur-kids now thanks to Lorraine.”
—Debbie, United States

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Scheduling and Fees
My fee is a donation to the non-profit organization Global White Lion Trust. 100% of your donation supports the White Lions. Giving back in helping animals and humans is why I began this work.

Each case is a minimum of 2 sessions and a maximum of 4 sessions, for a one-time fee of
$80 donation for general cases including animals in spirit
$100 for missing animals (requires intense energy and time)
Talking With Missing Animals, ALL Can Do This! Blog

Please do NOT send any funds without contacting me first. ALL contributions are non-refundable and I only work with ENGLISH speaking guardians.

Talking To Animals BLOG
Animal Communication BLOG
Straight From the Horses Mouth BLOG

For more information on booking Animal Communication with your animal please email me.

You can learn how to do this yourself!
Did you ever wish you could speak with animals? Well, you can. Each of us has the ability to attune ourselves to this wonderful language. I learned it by accident through meditation. At first I thought it was my imagination, but slowly over time and with practice I was able to develop this and you can too. When you make this heartfelt connection always remember to BELIEVE and TRUST all that is given to you through scents, sounds, images and thoughts. I keep a notebook and journal every message.

In 2017 I will be offering Parent/Child Animal Communication Workshops. See my schedule! We will learn to work together as a team as the Animal Kingdom needs our help. My intention is to pass on the ability of Animal Communication to children— not only through my young adult graphic novel series filled with the stories the animals have brought me, but one-on-one workshops as well as a NEW ONLINE COURSE designed for Parent/Child teams.
Please Contact me for more information.

To begin I highly recommend Wynter Worsthorne's Step by Step Guide
It was through this method that I began this journey.

Enroll in Wynter's online course with AnimalTalk Africa


100% of all Animal Communications work, is donated to help preserve the majestic, endangered White Lions.

Isn't it time you talked to your animal?

I am happy to connect and will even guide you into doing this yourself. contact me.

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