How To Communicate
Animal Communication for Children—the Future Ambassadors of Our Planet

A webinar for children (8+ and over) AND adults
– a TEAM effort

June 10, 2017 • 11:30AM EST
Cost: $20 (adult/child team is one price)
Adults without children are welcome.
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Animal Communication Webinar June 10, 2017
Time 11:30 AM EST

A webinar for children (ages 8 and over) and ADULTS
a team effort.
The relationship between child and animal is vital and there is a dynamic communication going on. This communication can improve self-esteem, problem solving and better relationships between all family members. It begins in the home, and we will be discussing how together, we can learn to:

1) Tune in to all animals and connect through our hearts

2) Still our minds with self time-outs to learn how animals speak
3) Respect and honor all animals in order to bring balance and healing to our planet

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Wouldn't you like to know what your animals are saying?

Animal Communication Workshops 2017
Have you ever wanted to learn how to speak with your animal friends? Lorraine teaches simple, step-by-step instructions to people of all ages. Learning how to speak and LISTEN is very simple. By taking the time to learn how to connect, you will be showing honor and respect to all of the animals that share your home and our planet.

Many students have learned this and they bring comfort to animals that are ill, animals with behavioral issues and even animals that have passed on. ALL people can do this and you can too. Lorraine welcomes children ages 8 and older, but they must be accompanied by a parent.

We will be working with a photo of YOUR animal (all work is done using distant communications.) Lorraine is a Professional Animal Communicator read more about how she is helping animals around the world by using the techniques she teaches in her workshops. 
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Workshop Schedule TBA

Please contact me if you would like me to teach in YOUR area.

AnimalTalkAfrica Events

AnimalTalkAfrica Events with world-renowned teacher Wynter Worsthorne.

Equine Watercolor Workshops

Students learn how to relate to the artist within.
"Connecting with the spirit of the horse enables us to speak through art. It was through this connection that I was able to write and illustrate Calico Horses and the Patchwork Trail. This is a hands-on equine watercolor lesson for ALL levels. I teach a very loose style, erasers and pencils will not be needed as we will “sketch with paint.” Anyone can do this – there ARE NO MISTAKES only learning." ~ Lorraine Turner

A portion of all proceeds will benefit wild horse and burro sanctuaries. Autographed books available.
For more information please email
Hidden Valley Reno, NV Photo Gallery


Twirl Toy Store and Play Space Taos, NM  Photo Gallery
Return to Freedom Lompoc, CA   Photo Gallery



The art of Sæ-sii Meditation

Sæ-sii Meditation is a silent meditation. The purpose of this class is to teach you how to do this on your own.
This is not like astral traveling or transcendental meditation. This is a conditioning of your mind to allow it to LET GO of the chatter and tune into your Higher Self that has guidance waiting to help you.

Learn how to take the lessons learned throughout the workshop and apply them in your own space at your own time. This 15-minute daily practice of quieting the mind and allowing it to rest will help you develop your sixth sense (that everyone possesses, much like Dorothy and her ruby slippers), discover your passion of purpose, and allow you to love yourself beyond measure. It is with this powerful love that you will be able to move your thoughts into action.

In addition, you will learn how to use crystals to magnify your inner voice, enhancing your natural intuitive abilities. You will learn how to eliminate negative energy that has been created by the thoughts and opinions of others. Sæ-sii Meditation can help you unlock your hidden creativity and build your confidence. To learn more visit the Library.

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