A few months ago I had the pleasure of visiting the sacred White Lions of the Timbavati region of South Africa.
Since then my vibration has shifted and they appear often in meditation. I had no idea they would begin assisting me with animal communication, but they are! Not only do they seem to appear especially when I am working with felines, but they are urging me to teach this communication to children. Meditation is how I learn the animal’s perspective and how they are using my art to tell their stories. Children can do this easily and they are drawn to the Comics work.

I will be traveling the world teaching Animal Communications to children ages 8 and up. It is my intention that in learning how to speak with ALL species they will treat them with more respect. This will bring harmony to their relationships and equip them to be better caretakers as they are the future ambassadors of our planet.

I teach simple, step-by-step instructions to people of all ages. Learning how to speak and LISTEN is very simple.  Many students have learned this and they bring comfort to animals that are ill, animals with behavioral issues and even animals that have passed on. ALL people can do this and you can too.  We will be working with a photo of YOUR animal (all work is done using distant communications.)

What are people saying about me? 
“I contacted Lorraine to help me communicate with my cat who had been demonstrating anxiety and aggression. The detail Lorraine picked up was incredible and highly illuminating as to the history behind his behaviour. I’ve worked with several animal communicators over the years but have never experienced the level of detail, care and consideration provided by Lorraine. I can highly recommend trusting her to assist with the well being of our animal friends.”
—Madge, South Africa

“The messages that Lorraine was able to relay to me were unbelievably accurate and inspiring. I was amazed by her accuracy in depicting things that are going on in my family’s lives and hearts – currently, as well as past and future. To add to my amazement, Lorraine and I live in different countries, and the fact that she was able to connect with them through a photograph leaves me speechless! Wow!!” 
—Jenn, Canada

Would you like me to speak with your animals? Here’s how!

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