Thursday, April 22nd– Recording available
Thursday, May 6th– 2:45-4PMEDT
Thursday, May 13th– 8:30-9:30 PM EDT


‘Boost Your Creativity’ FREE Lecture Series.

April 22 “Your Treasure Chest” talk on ZOOM recording.
May 6 “Intuitive Watercolors” no experience necessary.
May 13 “Looking Into the Mirror and Seeing the True you.”

Join Lorraine as she shows you ways to escalate your creative energy. All levels are welcome.
Learn how to raise your vibrational energy and tune into ALL of your senses. This will open you to new creative pathways and help you to listen and follow your heart’s song.

Why? Because YOU are worthy.

Lorraine is giving this free talks after watching so many students struggle to break away from the crowd and TRUST their inner voice.
She will also have guest speakers who will share their personal experiences in how their creativity has reached levels beyond their imagination.

It’s time to step it up a notch, and she will show you how.

Lorraine will also be asking you to take a 30 Day Challenge to COMMIT to boosting your creative energy and silencing the doubt.

Aligning yourself to your personal vibrational energy will allow you to accomplish great things!
A Facebook Group has been created to coincide with Lorraine’s 30 Day Challenge.
ZOOM Login info can be found in the FaceBook group page.

Please join

Some of the things she will be teaching:

  • · Identifying your creative roadblocks
  • · Accepting and TRUSTING all you have already learned
  • · What sets YOU apart
  • · Releasing negative energy and stepping into your highest vibration

Watch this clip to learn more about this series

A recording of the April 1, 2021 Facebook Introduction Talk can be found here.


All of Lorraine’s work supports endangered animals worldwide. 


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