A group project to help kids in need AND wild horses!


Together we will be sewing items to be distributed to children in:


  • Homeless shelters
  • Hospitals
  • Pregnancy Centers
  • Social Service Centers

After extensive research, I have selected two organizations to help distribute the sewn products.

In the US “Capes For Kids,” and “Project Linus.” Available in USCanadaUK and Australia

Two CalicoHorse appliqué patterns have been created specifically for this humanitarian project.

Check out the photo gallery to help inspire you. I chose to make the CalicoHorses with a scrappy look, but you can choose to create them your own way. Get creative!


CAPE FOR KIDS is designed to help needy children feel special. I have included a shield with the galloping horse appliqué to help make it a SUPER cape for boys and girls.
The Cape for Kids sewing instructions and pattern can be found HERE

Project Linus

PROJECT LINUS is a worldwide project.
If you don’t live in a country where they have a distributor, I encourage you to look within your own community.

There is a homeless crisis worldwide, please contact your local social services to find how you can help with a special quilt made for a child in need.

Before sewing your quilt, find out if they have any special needs. The center I work with in FL asked for bereavement blankets as well as baby and children quilts. There are many ways YOU can help make a difference.

Project Linus


I’m offering TWO CalicoHorse appliqué patterns as a set. In an effort to continue to help wild horses rounded up and now living in freedom, this downloadable pattern will be emailed to you once you make a donation of $20 to

Step 1: Make a donation here for $20 USD.

Step 2: Email me the confirmation (or receipt) for your donation

Step 3: I will email you the .pdf patterns which you can download

Step 4: Make a “Capes for Kids” cape, or a quilt for Project Linus by following their instructions.
Baby quilts are 30” x 30” and Child’s quilt is 40” x 60”

Step 5: Take photos and Email them to me so I can share YOUR work on my website and social media!

Step 6: Send (or drop off) your sewn project to your state or country’s location.
In the US find YOUR chapter here. Scroll down to bottom of the chapters and find the map.



What is the deadline?

Gather your friends, tell your groups and JOIN me as we spread “Horse Power For Kids.”

Can I make more than one?

I am committed to making one quilt every three months. Do what makes you feel best.

Is there a group that is making this? I would love to join.

I have created a FREE monthly 2 hour Boost your Creativity ZOOM gathering where we sit and stich together. Join the Boost Your Creativity with Lorraine Turner group today!

Do I have to use the CalicoHorse appliqué pattern to help kids?

No, of course not, but I am gathering a herd of volunteers to gallop our, “Horse Power for Kids,” worldwide. Together we can be the change we wish to see in the world. Look for MORE CalicoHorse patterns coming in the future.



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