A Herd For Hugs – Part 1

Lorraine Turner is teaming up with Days at Dunrovin (a ranch in Montana) to create stuffed calico horses to be delivered to foster children and adults in care centers in time for Valentine’s Day! She is looking for VOLUNTEERS to help create the herd.

Koala Sewing Art Challenge Winners

Congratulations to all of those who participated in this challenge. I am happy to announce that together we have raised over $600 for the Ipswich Koala Protection Society. “All of the entries were inventive and charming. In choosing the winners, I focused on the pieces that clearly met the rules, and that displayed creativity, good design, attention to detail, and craftsmanship”.

FOREVER FREE Block of the Month Group

I’m so excited to announce I’ve created a group to create a beautiful quilt featuring my new CalicoHorses fabrics by FreeSpirit!
You only get ONE first … and I am doing this to celebrate my FIRST ever fabric collection. I’ll always cherish this moment, and what better way to commemorate this event than to have a dedicated group stitching along beside me?

Fabric Collage – Directional Pathways Part 3

As I continue to write this blog to help others, I must pause and reflect on areas with which some beginners are having difficulty. And so, before continuing with step 8, let’s talk more about fabrics. I tell students to choose large and small prints in darks, mediums, and lights. I avoid certain fabrics, such as batiks and solids, in favor of directional patterns that help build the collage…

Fabric Collage-Bonding the Pattern Part 5

It’s now time to decide how to build your fabric collage. There are many ways, however, I prefer to work directly onto my background fabric. I’m working like a painter— background, middle ground and foreground. I work in this precise order as I’m creating an illustration and not just filling in a cookie-cutter flat object…

Fabric Collage – Patterns and Templates Part 4

Once you have selected your fabrics and are comfortable with the colors it’s time to focus on your pattern. There are no hard and fast rules, so relax and enjoy this next step. An architects’s blueprints are the maps for construction workers. Well, your pattern is much the same…