When working with animals I am often given indications that there is disharmony all around them. During animal communication sessions, this can be shown in various ways. I may see flickering images… as if someone is changing the channel on a television very quickly, and try as I may; I am unable to grasp the picture. I may see static or blurry images, or a screen filled with noise. I may get a feeling of intense anxiety in the pit of my stomach or a rushing sound of wind or a feeling as if I am falling over the edge of a cliff. Yes it can be very intense.

What can cause this energy? There are many reasons, probably too many to list, but animals and people can pick up feelings of stress, anger, sadness, worrying, and much more. This will shift the energy field (auric field) all around and may cause them to become very uncomfortable and even sick. There may be issues around the animal or the guardians they live with, which may attribute to this dis ease. There may be arguments, depression, fear that is surrounding the home like a dome of cloudy energy. They could have picked it up by simply visiting a neighbor. When this happens it is time to do a clearing. What is a clearing? It is a purposeful way of inviting positive energy into the home and it is very easy to do.

By taking the time to perform a simple clearing you will be helping the entire family. There are several ways to achieve this and I am including a link at the bottom of this blog, that I pass along to my clients whenever I sense this energy. There are several wonderful methods that work, so find one that resonates with you.

Be mindful of the energy around you and how it can affect the people and animals within your home. If your animal friend is suddenly losing hair, has stopped eating, has a shift in their behavior or is just not acting their usual happy self, try doing a simple clearing of the home. Remember to include yourself and animals in this clearing as this energy attaches to all of us like smoke on your clothes. After you have finished this purposeful intention of clearing, see if it doesn’t shift the energy into a more positive and harmonious way.

I hope this helps bring insight to you and your loved ones. Please share this blog if you know of anyone that seems to always be struggling with negativity. Positive energy creates a happy home for animals and people.

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