CANCELED – Due to COVID-19. Very sorry, I was really looking forward to meeting you. STAY SAFE! 

2-Day Fabric Workshop  – Brisbane, Queensland

Project – “Whale of a Good Time”



A workshop for students who have experience with raw appliqué, free-motion sewing, and thread painting and can work independently. Lorraine is a professional animal communicator and students will begin each day with a brief meditation to allow their heart energy to connect with the animal—this breathes life into the art, as a relationship develops and the animals begin to “speak.” Students will learn how to illustrate a fabric collage using fabric and thread.

They will also learn step-by-step techniques, such as:

  • How to tap into intuition, rather than rules, going with the flow
  • Using photos as templates
  • Raw-Appliqué using only pins, no fusing or glue
  • Thread painting.

VENUE: Macleay Island, QLD

DATES: Aug 15-16
TIME: 9am- 4:30pm

REGISTRATION: +61 400 344 793
CONTACT: Christine Noske  ua.mo1721415406c.sma1721415406ertsr1721415406uoloc1721415406@sirh1721415406c1721415406

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