My FreeSpirit fabrics will always feature endangered animals illustrated in BOLD colors.
The thread palette I have selected beautifully complements my fabrics. My work in comics has taught me to exaggerate the lines and colors to help tell the story. That’s why I added a 12-weight in black and white – it’s a great way to add highlights and shadows, and give sparkle and definition to all of your art projects.


CALICO HORSES by Lorraine Turner

Colors included:
50wt: 2135, 2150, 2270, 4020, 1231, 2860, 2735, 2810, 1243, 2581
12wt: 2692, 2024
Code: LT5012CH12

NEW! “A Splash of Texture”

When you look through my gallery you will see how texture can enhance textile illustrations.
It adds dimension and excitement to each piece.

The art seen on the cover is a perfect example of how you can use 12 wt. threads to improve YOUR art.
Specifically designed for this purpose, I chose colors that are sure to bring your landscapes to life.

The set retails for $54 which includes shipping within the US.
International Sales: additional shipping rates apply. NOT available anywhere else

Contact me directly to purchase on and use
SPLASH THREAD COLLECTION as the subject line.


A Splash of Texture”  contains:
10 Small Spools 12wt of Aurifil Thread

2021, 2135, 2235, 2270, 2530, 1231, 1114, 2887, 2725, 2520



Photographs on this site are property of Calico Horses © and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission of Lorraine Turner.


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