INTENSE Inktense Webinar – Paint and Stitch

DESCRIPTION:In this recording, Lorraine will be painting and stitching along with you during this 2-day webinar.
Designed for ALL levels. Beginners are welcome!

Students will create a magical dragon by painting on fabric using Inktense pencils, paints or blocks, followed by thread painting with metallic, polyester or cotton threads.

Day 1 is painting on fabric;
Day 2 is free-motion stitching using a sewing machine.

Students will learn the following:

• How to prepare fabrics for painting• How to paint using Intense pencils, paints or blocks• How to blend and shade colors• How to make your fabric art colorfast• How to stitch using free-motion embroidery

Recording Dragon Inktense 2-Day Webinar


All of Lorraine’s work supports endangered animals worldwide.
It is her hope that she will be able to reach and teach people worldwide through her ZOOM webinars.

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