Lesson 2: Love is a Color

Continued from Lesson 1
All animals and people have the ability to sense when they are near someone that is positive and happy. They also have awareness when others are filled with anger or negative feelings. You are a being made up of energy. All animals, plants and people have an electromagnetic field that surround their bodies. If you could see this in a photo it would look like a rainbow of colors all around you. Special cameras can pick up these colors, but guess what…so can animals. Your attitude creates a color all around you and animals can see this. If you are a happy being, you will appear as a color that indicates this. If you are filled with anger or feel like you want to do something to hurt another, the animal can see and feel this too.

What is a happy color? It does not matter, the animal sees it and knows it when you come into contact with them.
Can you see that talking with animals begins with how they sense you?

1) Find a quiet spot and sit where you are able to see your animal, but not too close. We are not wanting the animal to jump up into your lap. You want to just observe them and we are going to try and see their energy field.

2) Say a short invocation or prayer to begin your lesson in order to quiet your heart.
It has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with connecting to your inner voice and your special higher self that is always with you.
Sample of opening phrase:
“Please bless me and help me as I learn to communicate with animals. Thank you.”

3) Just sit quietly and wait for your animal to settle down. They may lie down or sit beside you.

4) It helps if there is a solid color behind them, like a wall or a floor.

5) Next, pick an area on your animal like a back, or leg that has a background that is solid behind it. It can be a brown floor or a green wall, it does not matter. Stare at the place just behind the spot you have picked on your animal. Try not to blink. As you are staring at the space just behind your animal you may begin to see a slight glow. It may be pink, blue, yellow or even purple. What you are seeing is their energy field. This energy field can be used in sending communication to and from your animal. If you do not see it right away it is ok. Try again later, or you can even try it on your own arm. Just by taking the time to do this, you are showing your animal that you are learning how they communicate. They can see you are trying and the color you have all around you is being sent to them. They will see this color as LOVE.

Closing: Quietly allow all you have learned to sink in. Accept that you and your animal are surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field that helps you communicate.  Your animals can pick up on your energy and SEE them as colors that display love and understanding. Close your eyes and give thanks.
Practice doing this with other living things such as trees, plants, rocks and other people. Soon you will be able to see this energy field and use it when you wish to communicate just by thinking a thought. Your animal will SEE your love when you begin to communicate.

Lesson 3

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