Lesson 3: How to Use Your Heart Energy

Continued from Lesson 2
Have you ever noticed how some animals seem to accept you as soon as they meet you. A total stranger will wag their tail and scamper to greet you. And yet if you were to watch the animal as it meets other strangers, you would see that at times it will not do to this with another child. Why? Because animals can feel your HEART ENERGY.

In Lesson 2 we learned about the energy field that surrounds all people and animals. A person that sees an animal and instantly feels their heart do a little flip-flop is sending invisible signals to the animal. It looks up and sends it back and when it runs to meet you it is showing you this joy. That is what HEART ENERGY looks like in action. Some animals may not be so friendly for many reasons. Perhaps they do not fee well or maybe they are shy, all animals have personalities just like people. So do not think that you are walking around with unhappy energy sending signals for them to not greet you, it may have nothing to do with you at all. Just smile anyway. Let’s begin to use this tool as we learn to speak with our animals. You may need someone to read the exercise to you as you will need to have your eyes closed.

1) Find a quiet spot and a comfy seat. Sit where you are able to see your animal, but not too close. We are not wanting the animal to jump up into your lap. You want to just observe them and we are going to try and connect to their heart energy. You do not have to be in the same room with your animal, or even in the same location. Communication works wherever you can send a thought.

2) Say a short invocation or prayer to begin your lesson in order to quiet your heart.
It has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with connecting to your inner voice and your special higher self that is always with you.
Sample of opening phrase:
“Please bless me and help me as I learn to communicate with animals. Thank you.”

3) Close your eyes and sit quietly. Sink into the chair and begin to breathe slowly in and out feel yourself becoming very relaxed. Just let your weight fall into the chair and release any tension in your jaw and in your fists. Wait for your animal to settle down. They may lie down or sit beside you.

4) As you look into the darkness with your eyes closed, imagine a bright white light high above you. Imagine this white light coming closer to you. Breathe in and out slowly and as you inhale see the light growing larger and coming nearer. Now see the large white shiny light surround you and feel yourself inside of it like a large white bubble. This is a beautiful white shining light that is both protective and keeps away all other sounds and disturbances.

5) Next, repeat this as you imagine another white light coming and surrounding your animal. Now see your animal inside a large bubble made of this shiny white light.

6) It is okay if your animal gets up and walks away, you can still connect with them no matter where they are, even if they go outside. Just sit in this space and imagine yourself next to them, both of you inside white shiny bubbles of light.

7) Now think of how much you love them. Think of everything about them. See them in your mind with you as you are petting or loving them. Pour out your love and affection and see them responding to this. It’s ok if you get a little teary or emotional, this is normal. Your animal can feel your love as you think these thoughts. They may even get up and come to you, if they do, it’s ok. They are excited that you are learning to communicate in their language.

8) Next, imagine a beam of light coming from your heart and see it as it goes forth and touches your animal’s heart. You are imagining a white light that is coming from your heart and connecting to your animal’s heart. See it as a light sabre or light sword that is acting as a bridge between you and your animal. You may actually feel this sensation as you are sending heart energy to your animal. You may feel tingly and slightly warm, this is all normal. If you do not feel anything, this is normal too, everyone is connecting in a way that is designed for their body’s energy.

9) Now, using your thoughts, tell your animal how much you love them. You can tell them how beautiful or handsome you think they are. How you love their smell or how you love the feel of their fur or how you love the sound of their purr or bark or whatever sound they make. Just use this heart connection to really send them love. Feel yourself as you are doing this. Are you feeling emotional? Are you feeling hot, cold or can you sense they are sending you love in return and you can’t explain it, you just know it? You are practicing communication and it begins in the heart connection.

10) When you have finished sending and receiving love, thank them and tell them you will be speaking with them again soon. Imagine the light heart bridge coming back to you and see them in their white bubble filled with all of your love. See yourself in your beautiful white bubble filled with love and when you are ready open your eyes.

Closing: Quietly allow all you have learned to sink in. Accept that you and your animal are able to communicate by using your heart energy. Close your eyes and give thanks.
Practice doing this at least once a week. The more you practice the easier it becomes. You can record this exercise on any device, if you wish to do it by yourself without the need of someone reading it. After you do it a few times you will no longer need anyone to help you, you will just remember the steps and feel an indescribable joy as you see your animal much happier. LOOK FOR CHANGES IN YOUR ANIMAL. Take note as to how they behaved before and after you do the exercise and keep practicing!

In the next lesson we will begin sending questions and receiving answers
Be sure to read all of the lessons as this will help you TALK TO ANIMALS. Lesson 1

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