Inktense Landscape Fabric Painting

Learn how paint a peaceful landscape using fabric ink pencils or paints by Derwent


NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY, beginners are welcome.

This 2-Day webinar was a 10 hour event and the step-by-step recording is condensed to 3 hours.  There are 2 zoom recordings.

Day 1: Background, water and birch trees

Day 2: Flowers, plants, foreground and birch tree leaves



  • Step-by-step instructions from start to finish
  • Choosing colors that harmonize
  • Selecting fabric and how to make it colorfast
  • Blending and shading
  • Working beside Lorraine- this allows you to watch her demonstrate each step.
  • Photograph for tracing will be supplied; no patterns or shipping are necessary.

COST: $150


All of Lorraine’s work supports endangered animals worldwide.
It is her hope that she will be able to reach and teach people worldwide through her ZOOM webinars.

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