Animal Communication— Part 4

As we continue to study the different methods of communicating with animals, let us consider those animals that are missing. This type of communication requires you to be in a place where you are not dealing with desperation and depression.
Many people that contact me regarding missing animals are desperate, and more and more animal communicators are stepping away and not handling these cases because of this. This desperation can actually block the energy and communication and professionals must pull away to be able to connect with the animal. It is the only way we can keep the energy calm when approaching a missing animal. Yes, I realize the guardian is heartbroken and the hurt is very acute, however in order to connect an energy that is loving and at peace is best. Meditation is a proven method to RAISE THE VIBRATION and allow animals to speak freely. The heart-energy-bridge of communication will flounder with a vibration that is sad, depressed and low. I encourage all guardians to meditate for 15 minutes daily and try to stay positive and send their animal love and light, as this will help all during this stressful time:) To link up with a missing animal, follow these simple steps.

Select a photo of the missing animal and make sure there are no other animals or people (this can confuse the connection) in it. If possible, choose one with eyes that are visible. If you are familiar with the animal, no photo is needed, just use your memory. Next, try to collect a photo of the animal’s favorite sleeping area and the pathway or door that you wish it to return to. Study the photos and once you can remember the images, close your eyes and begin.

Sit quietly with the picture and imagine yourself beside the missing animal. Feel the warmth of its fur (or whatever it is covered in), the sound of its beating heart, the look in their eyes, their scent and how you “feel” when you look at their photo. This is the energy you will use to “link up” with the missing animal. You will be using the same methods described previously, so let us review.
I outlined it in Part 1.

You start with a prayer of silence asking for protection as you open up to the ether world. This is what I use, you can choose your own wording:
To my highest guides and helpers second to none
Please protect me at this time of meditation
Knowing that everything that is said, heard, felt or sensed is with absolute love
as I blend with my conscious and become one with my spirit.
I wish to communicate with (insert animal’s name) and I ask for your assistance in bringing this about.
I thank ALL THAT IS.

Continue with your eyes closed or open (I do it eyes closed as it keeps me in the zone.) Next, begin sending thoughts of LOVE to the animal. See this love energy as white light washing over it. Feel the connection as this white light continues to bathe the animal and just let yourself sink into this sensation of absolute LOVE. You may begin to feel a bit emotional, this is perfectly normal. This emotion is your heart energy opening up and blending with this lovely being.

Ask permission to speak with the animal. You may get a sensation of a wall or a block, if so, thank it and try again later. You have just felt what it is to get a “busy signal” or “not now.” You may get a warm comfortable sensation and this is a “yes.”

Sit perfectly still in this space and ask the animal if it can describe the surroundings and how it found itself to be where it is now. Some people actually “feel” body temperature shifts, prickly skin, heart flutters, ears ringing, etc. Do not be alarmed, this is just your physical body blending with the vibrational energy of the animal. You are both energy and although you are physical, you both connect through your beautiful spirits. You may get a scent, a sound, an image, a feeling or a thought. Just sit in silence and allow the animal to send you its response. If all is silent, that is perfectly normal, do not become frustrated.

Now it is time send the image of the door or path. See the door or path floating within a bubble and send it to the animal. See the animal trotting toward the path or door and send this image to them. Use your heart energy and lovingly ask the animal to please return to this place, if they choose to. No one can force an animal to return, they have a free will just like all humans. You are encouraging the animal to come back, you are not going after it or tracking it. Some animal communicators use tracking, however through experience I have come to learn that this often becomes a wild goose chase as the animal sends images or messages of a place that they may have visited along their journey.

Next, repeat this process with the image of the animal’s favorite sleeping spot. Assure them that their safe place is waiting for them. Trust that they have heard you and allow enough space for the animal to reply. You are waiting peacefully and are not rushing the communication.

Now it is time to ask a question. Imagine your question floating within a bubble and send it to them. Trust that they have heard you, and wait.

Keep the question very simple and focus on the feelings and reason surrounding your question.

Ask OPEN questions. Closed questions will only allow the animal to respond in Yes or No. For example, “Are you hungry?” is a closed question.”
“Where have you been finding your food?” is an open question.

Next comes the trusting part. Sit in silence after sending your question accepting they have heard you and stay in this loving energy.

See their response in a bubble as it returns to you and pops open with a reply. Again, it may be a thought, feeling, image, sound, taste or just a knowing. Often it can come quickly before you have even asked the question as they are reading your thoughts and excited you are communicating in their language.

Next just feel everything that comes to you. Do not think about it or try to engage any logic just allow the communication to wash over you. THIS TAKES PRACTICE, so if you do not feel or sense anything the first time, do not give up. Remember, your intention of making the communication is clearly heard and felt. TRUST this regardless of what you may or may not have received.

Before ending the communication always ask if there is something else the animal would like to share.

ALWAYS Thank them for this connection and leave them with this beautiful white light of love energy. Write EVERYTHING down in your journal. You can repeat this in a day and begin to piece the messages together. Even if this animal does not return they will know you are making an effort and they will feel your love energy.

This is a wonderful way to speak with animals that are missing. It takes commitment and practice, but ALL can do this.  Always keep a journal and be sure to TEACH OTHERS as this brings tremendous understanding for both the guardians and the animal that is missing.

Added Note: As a professional animal communicator I am never certain if the animal will return. I have had cases where the animal explains they left on their own free will. The home environment may have changed, a new animal moved in next door, the type of food has been switched. It can be for any number of reasons. I have had animals tell me that the people were always fighting, or they were preparing to sell the home and the animal left before they were uprooted. Some return after they went on an exploration and some never come back. There may be a health issue or the animal is physically unable to return, there are numerous reasons and we may simply never know. I always explain there are no guarantees, but just by making the effort the animal knows you are trying and they feel this as LOVE energy. It is a very powerful energy that calms the aching heart and lifts the spirits. ALL people can do this and I encourage you to begin to use your ability to send love to all animals in need.

If you wish to learn more I highly recommend this MISSING ANIMAL book

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Everything I have learned, came through the teachings of Wynter Worsthorne’s online course

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