Like many of you reading this blog I have tried many methods of trying to better myself when it comes to art.
As a child my parents could not afford art lessons or college. It was not until I was a single mom having come through the heartache of separation and divorce when I finally decided it was time to get serious. How in the world would I ever achieve this? The closest art school was a 90-minute commute one-way, and the cost was beyond my imagination. But, after applying for grants, arranging childcare and tightening our belts, I started moving in the direction I aspired to be. Yes, this simple act was what I had been unable to do. It was the ACTION that was needed, not the day dreaming, I needed to move and move I did. I drove 180 miles daily just to sit beside kids age 19 and younger with blue spiked hair and nose rings. Really? Was I ever going to “become” the artists I so badly wanted to be? Well, yes actually I did.
Why? Because I had finally connected with my heart’s passion and it was on fire. Memorize and apply this and feel the change come over you… “MOVE IN THE DIRECTION YOU ASPIRE TO BE.”

Regardless of where you find yourself in life, all that matters is NOW. Forget about all of the “should-have, could haves” and focus on TODAY. If you are reading this blog and do not know what your passion is, I am encouraging you to take some private time and make this connection. As you know I teach meditation — a very easy, daily practice that will help you tremendously, but there are many ways to connect with your heart’s song.

Here are some suggestions:

Stand in the shower and feel the water rushing over you and imagine you are washing away all of the uncertainty and self doubt and feel this new energy of hope and inspiration spilling over you and energizing you. Ask the water to assist you in hearing the song your heart is singing just for YOU.

Nature Walks
Take a quiet walk in nature and LISTEN to the stillness that is waiting for you. There is only one you and no book, workshop, facebook group or youtube video can help you, if you are not attuned to your inner voice.

Ask Questions
Begin to ask yourself questions. What makes me smile? Who can walk into the room and make my heart skip a beat? Is it a person, and animal? Now, look at your wardrobe. What colors are you surrounding yourself in? Study them, are they there because you have chosen them specifically or are they given to you by someone that was hoping you would like the color, or you may not pay attention to colors of your wardrobe, that is perfectly fine. Take the time to ask questions that will help spark and motivate you.
For example, let’s say you are someone that likes to ski but can not afford it or have not pursued this for whatever reason. If this makes your heart skip a beat, than it is a part of your heart that you can explore further using your art. Maybe you like the rush of the wind on your face or the cold crisp air— use these elements in your artwork.

How? By PLAYING with your textile projects. Which fabrics evoke a feeling of coldness and winter? Go make a polar bear or a penguin:) This is only a simple suggestion. If you like gardening then create a garden with your fabric. Find a way to CONNECT to the passion that lies within and watch you art explode with creativity.

I see so many artists that seem to struggle with originality and they cannot help but make cookie-cutter-copies of what another designer has created. If this gives you pleasure, than you are following your heart’s song. But, if it leaves you wishing you could do something all on your own, than DO this.
Practice and PLAY with your art and remember to LAUGH. I did not drive 3 hours daily in order to wave a diploma, I did this because I knew that the effort I made in moving in the direction I aspired to be was worth it. I am worthy and SO ARE YOU. Find your beautiful self waiting within your inner voice and let it flow through your art.

I look forward to hearing from each of you, please write and tell me how you are proceeding and if you have any questions I am always here.

To learn more how you can connect to your inner voice click here.

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