FOREVER FREE Block of the Month Group

I’m so excited to announce I’ve created a group to create a beautiful quilt featuring my new CalicoHorses fabrics by FreeSpirit!
You only get ONE first … and I am doing this to celebrate my FIRST ever fabric collection. I’ll always cherish this moment, and what better way to commemorate this event than to have a dedicated group stitching along beside me?

Koala Sewing Art Challenge

Here’s YOUR chance to join a fun sewing challenge, WIN prizes and HELP endangered Koalas! For sometime now, my heart has been drawn to the plight of the Koalas. And so, I’ve set the intention for this exciting sewing challenge to raise awareness, funds and most importantly HONOR and RESPECT to our dear friends. Although I’de planned to visit the sanctuary in August and personally deliver the funds …

Fabric Collage-Bonding the Pattern Part 5

It’s now time to decide how to build your fabric collage. There are many ways, however, I prefer to work directly onto my background fabric. I’m working like a painter— background, middle ground and foreground. I work in this precise order as I’m creating an illustration and not just filling in a cookie-cutter flat object…

Fabric Collage Webinar “A Hug Above”

LIVE Online WEBINAR – Sept. 15-16 – If you’ve ever wanted to learn fabric collage and are unable to attend one of Lorraine’s workshops due to travel restrictions, now you can! A webinar you can watch from your own home is now available.
This is a 2-day webinar where you will be working alongside Lorraine as she takes you step-by-step through the process.