Congratulations to all of those who participated in this challenge. I am happy to announce that together we have raised over $600 for the Ipswich Koala Protection Society.

A special thank you to our wonderful judge Susan Brubaker Knapp—fiber artist, teacher, author, and host of Quilting Arts TV.

And now, without further ado, Susan’s notes and comments:

“All of the entries were inventive and charming. In choosing the winners, I focused on the pieces that clearly met the rules, and that displayed creativity, good design, attention to detail, and craftsmanship.”


FIRST PLACE: Leilani Purvis – The face pulls you right in. Eyes are terrific; this guy has lots of personality. Leilani did a good job with value in general—the koala pops against the background. I like the use of the ombre fabric in the background to add a punch of color. Additional Australian/aboriginal and batik fabrics to frame are a nice choice. The use of different fabrics and subtle details on the koala add a lot of interest, but don’t dominate or distract.


SECOND PLACE: Tamera Maister – Tamera’s piece includes lots of Lorraine’s fabrics, and effectively used small bits and larger pieces (toned down with fibers on top). Nice free-motion stitching helps to unify and blend different fabrics together on the koala. Wonderful eyes; good job focusing on the face. 3-D elements add a lot of interest. Little birds add whimsey. I love how Tamera added texture on ear tufts.


THIRD PLACE: Jennifer Morlock – Threadwork adds nice depth. The fibers are a good contrast, and create texture. Good job using many of the required fabrics in Lorraine’s collection, but still looking unified.


FOURTH PLACE: Mickey Ramey – Nice use of lots of different fabrics; Mickey challenged herself to use a lot of them! Nice quilting texture in the background.


FIFTH PLACE: May Mulford – May scored extra points for using so many of Lorraine’s fabrics in creative ways. Fun use of fibers for neck and ears.

A note from the Ipswich Koala Protection Society

Ipswich Koala Protection Society:

A HUGE Thank you to our koala warrior friends in the US who recently raised $600USD to help support Ipswich Koala Protection Society. This amazing challenge was driven by Lorraine Turner who wanted to help IKPS raise funds and she did so by setting a koala sewing art challenge which inspired many to get involved and create beautiful textile koala pieces. A special thanks to Aurifil Threads and FreeSpirit Fabrics who donated the prizes for the koala challenge and have played a big part in making this happen.

IKPS are incredibly grateful for your support, your amazing efforts from this challenge will help make a difference to koalas and their future. These funds raised will go towards Ipswich Koala Protection Society purchasing well needed formula and care items for our 7 rescue koala joeys currently in care.

Thank you from the IKPS’s team and the koalas here in Australia! — Trudi Timbs


To view all of the entries please  visit Aurifil’s recent blog.

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