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Choosing Materials

This team effort will include people of all skills including beginners. People are getting excited, and although they may wish to get fancy in creating this huggable horse, it is imperative that all guidelines are followed which are set to ensure the horses do not get rejected at the care facilities. No alterations or additional embellishments are allowed. Volunteers will need to double check their work to assure they have followed instructions and did not alter the materials in any way. I am doing my best to assure every horse is accepted and HUGGED! I am not responsible for faulty craftsmanship. That being said, once volunteers have completed a horse for this humanitarian project, they are free to create CalicoHorses for their family and friends. This is a massive humanitarian project and I do not have any assistants. Please DO NOT email me with questions, please post them in the comment section of the blogs. This will help others as well.


How will it work?

American Volunteers: As stated in my previous blog,  Days at Dunrovin a ranch in Montana, will be distributing the CalicoHorses to foster children and adult care centers. Our aim is to include as many people who wish to sew, and using this craft as a means of connecting them to people in need.

Who will help if you get stuck along the way?

Take a look

photo gallery of step-by-step images is NOW available to the public. You will be able to comment and ask questions on a special section of Days at Dunrovin’s website.
In order to help craftspeople of all levels, volunteers can tune in, or watch a recording of me, sewing the CalicoHorses from beginning to end.


What happens after the CalicoHorse is completed?

After volunteers have completed a CalicoHorse, they will send photos showing each side of the stuffed animal. The images will be posted and a star will be added on a special map indicating where they live and how far reaching our herd actually is! Next, a mailing address will be emailed to volunteers telling them where to send the completed CalicoHorse.

How many horses are needed?

Volunteers can make one or as many as they wish, hugs are needed more than ever during this time of isolation.

What if I live outside the of the US?

International Volunteers: You may create the CalicoHorses and distribute to people in need in your own countries. You will have access to all images and videos. The more the merrier!

 The supply list and pattern will be available in December and the crafting will begin in January.

Get Ready to Gallop!


Begin thinking of colors for the body, mane, tail, felted patch on rump and the contrasting hooves.
The herd will be sent to people of all ages, gender, races and cultures. Use your imagination and think of the person who may receive your CalicoHorse. Perhaps you wish to make it the same color of a horse you know and love. This project will be healing on many levels.

Please ask your club, organizations, guilds, family and friends to join our team and TOGETHER we shall gallop across the world spreading comfort to ALL in need.


Please join the team of volunteers today!

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