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Hooray!  The CalicoHorse pattern is now ready for you to download! Please gather your materials and be sure to visit the photo gallery and CLICK on each photo to read the instructions. Feel free to download the images if you need a closer look. As stated in my previous blogs, the materials have been carefully selected to assure they are accepted into the various organizations who will be receiving our huggable herd.

Our target deadline is for a Valentine’s Day delivery. Our goal is to send YOUR CalicoHorses to foster children and adults in care centers who could really use a hug.

I have downloaded the pattern. Now what?

During the month of January I will be broadcasting LIVE step-by-step tutorials to help you sew.

These will be recorded for you to watch later and you will find them on a special page on Dunrovin Ranch’s community page.



How will the CalicoHorses be distributed?

UPDATE: This project ended in 2020.
The Dunrovin Ranch team in Montana will be distributing your crafts. Please email the Herd For Hugs team if you have any questions.

I do not live in America but want to help!

International volunteers please download the pattern and visit the Dunrovin Ranch’s community page to follow along. Although you will be distributing in your own countries, we wish to display your beautiful CalicoHorses on the website and share your stories of where you sent your herd!



Please ask your club, organizations, guilds, family and friends to join our team and TOGETHER we shall gallop across the world spreading comfort to ALL in need.

Please join the team of volunteers today!

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