I am going to be honest with you. I am not all that keen in what I have been experiencing by way of social media. I have been an artist for many years…okay like forty, if truth be told, and I thought I would be able to share my art and offer some tips and tricks that experience has taught me without harm. But, I feel this may be a very naïve approach.

In 1986ish (I have blanked out this part of my life) my art representative stole my portfolio and passed it off as her own. Yes, a very painful ordeal and a life changing experience for me. To learn more read my blog, “Smiling Through Broken Glass”
Also please consider reading my book, Sae-Sii Meditation – How to Find your Bliss in 15 Minutes a Day.

Fast-forward to 2018 and I am hit with a social media text informing me that someone has decided to “copy” my work. Really? So, why should I continue sharing my work? And yes, I have watermarked it. Yes, I have repeatedly announced that ALL is copyrighted and have made this as obvious as possible. Yet people continue to ask me if after they purchase my art, they can reproduce the art to resell as their own…NO! ALL of my work is copyrighted and I retain the rights to ALL of it. 100%…ALL, so let’s get that straight! I could not make this clearer.

ALL, let me repeat 100% of my art, supports non-profit organizations who help endangered animals. So in reality, this means I am giving my talent, materials and time to help endangered animals. My reward is in knowing they are being supported—period.

I have given FREE art lessons to communities, schools, organizations and Native American reservations all to help raise awareness to the needs of these animals struggling to survive. And others want to copy this for profit… I find this unacceptable and so do the animals I am helping.

If you have been following my work, you will know that ALL of the art is given to me through meditation. The animals speak to me and I share their messages through my art and then sell it to support their species. If I am to continue to work in this manner I must feel that I am not at risk.

I will be taking some necessary time to calm my heart and meditate on my path. Will I continue to share my work? Will I continue to teach? I do not really know at this time.

“Indigo Inspiration” supports Whitelions.org
My message to all of you wishing to learn textile art is this. Find your passion of purpose and draw from your heart’s energy. Realize that we walk among a world that has some shady areas. Be true to yourself and find a way to create and help others. Yes, you need to pay the bills, but you also need to connect to your higher self. Mine is telling me to take a TIME-OUT. I will continue to create for endangered animals, but for now I will be speaking with my guides and helpers as to when and where I will be teaching Textile Art.

Blessings to all who read this and may you find YOUR passion of purpose.

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