“A Second Glance”

Throughout my life I have been creating. I must say although I enjoy it, for many years it was simply a way to pay the bills.
The challenges of designing advertisements, logos, brochures and TV graphics helped me improve my skills. I won awards and accolades for all of these achievements, but something was always missing. Money? No, I was paid well. Fame? No, I worked among famous people throughout my career and I learned truth in what my father taught me, “They put their pants on the same way as everyone else… one leg at a time.” (meaning they were not much different as you and I) So, what was missing? It took me years to unravel this and I believe silent meditation was the key to unlocking the treasure awaiting. I have included my “how-to” link here.

Some of you may know that when I first began meditation, wild horses approached me. I know this sounds bizarre, but they did. This led to me becoming a certified professional animal communicator. Meditation was the doorway to my conversations with endangered animals, and still is. Meditation is what influenced me to create textile art. This new medium came into the picture while I was chatting with a white lion named Mandla, who lived in a protected sanctuary in South Africa. I saw my hands and drawings morph into textile art. The lion gave me a very clear message—to create with my hands for the sake of the animal kingdom and not look for anything in return, knowing I could never outgive. And so, in Spring 2016, without ever having quilted before, I dug out my mother’s old sewing machine and began playing with fabric. Today my art supports many non-profits. Here is the list of a few of them, many more are being added as I write this:


  • Kenya Wildlife Trust
  • Wolf Connection
  • Global White Lion Protection Trust
  • Return to Freedom
  • Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Trust
  • Corolla Wild Horse Fund
  • Victorian Brumby Association

Much like this illustration, we are each a work in progress.

I am enjoying this exploration, and I am writing this only to encourage others to find their own path. Learning comes by DOING. Art is only a small part of me. I have a huge heart and my relationships with my loved ones and nature is what brings me the greatest joy. Learn to connect to your heart energy and watch it flow through your art. I am not greater nor less than anyone, I am simply a person who has learned how to connect with a passion of purpose and it begins with listening to your inner voice.
How? By clearing away the debris of a chattering world and tuning into the best advice there is, your upper conscious, your higher self, the YOU that sets you apart.

To learn more please consider reading my book, Sae-Sii Meditation – How to Find your Bliss in 15 Minutes a Day.

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