Ever wonder why animals seem to connect so
easily with children?

Perhaps it is the pure and simple truth that they BELIEVE that the animal understands them,
and rightly so.

As a professional animal communicator, I have been blessed with helping many families including the children. If you have an animal living in your home, it is as much a family member as the child that cuddles it. This is a truth. It is not a matter of placing more importance on animals versus humans, it is merely the foundation of a loving energy that is created in this environment. The relationship between child and animal is vital and there is a dynamic communication going on in your home.
It is my intention to help foster this relationship and teach children how to:

1) Tune in to the animal and connect through their heart
2) Still their minds and understand how animals speak
3) Respect and honor all animals in order to bring balance into the home

Lesson 1
Many people call their animals “pets,” I do not. I see them as creatures on earth that interact and live among us. Yes we are guardians, but we do not “own” them just as no one “owns” you.

Topic of today: Observation
You are a person with unique features. You may be tall, short, dark skinned or freckled. Your features are yours alone and belong to you. Many may say, “oh you look so much like_______,” (fill in the blank), but forget about that. You are you. It is the same with your animal friends. Perhaps you have a breed of dog or cat or bird that others seem to think, “oh your animal looks exactly like that dog over there.” Even though in a glance this may be true, your animal is special. It is like no other and it has a personality, character, and qualities that belong to it alone.

1) Find a quiet spot where you will be undisturbed beside a mirror.

2) Say a short invocation or prayer to begin your lesson in order to quiet your heart.
It has nothing to do with religion, it has to do with connecting to your inner voice and your special higher self that is always with you.
Sample of opening phrase:
“Please bless me and help me as I learn to communicate with animals. Thank you.”

3) Look at your image in the mirror. Slowly take in every feature.
Look into your eyes and look at all the special colors in your iris (the part that is around the black dot.)
Look at your hair and touch it. Is it shiny or course? Look at your face, do you have dimples? How do your eyebrows look when you frown? Smile at yourself. Do the corners of your mouth turn up or down? Look at your ears. Can you see if they are connected to your head with short lobes (the part that hangs down,) or are they longer? Study yourself in the mirror for 5 minutes.

4) Think about all you have seen. All humans carry genes and DNA that help make them look the way they are. We have no power or choice when we are created. You are exactly as you were intended to be. You are you— and you are special.

Closing: Quietly allow all you have learned to sink in. Accept that your thoughts are living things, that means when you think a thought it gives it energy and attention. Your animals can pick up on your thoughts as they SEE them as images, scents, feelings and understandings. Close your eyes and give thanks.
Now take some time to observe others. You are not to look at them to judge them, you are looking at other humans to see how their genes and DNA created them. Next lesson we will begin to study our animals and learn how to connect.
Lesson 2 

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